Signs Fiction (—)

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Signs Fiction (—)

Over the years, construction workers seem to have developed a mysterious script made with adhesive tape that is readable by only a few.

What do these signs mean? Is this some sort of secret language? Or is there no meaning at all?

Fascinated by cities and by semiotics, SerraGlia decided to create an artistic and slightly ironic visual statement about these found signs.

He is not seeking to reveal their absolute truth. Instead, He wants to question our perception of our surroundings. Are things always as they seem?

Special Features:
Each cover comes with a different adhesive tape applied manually, black tape for 70 copies and orange tape for 30 copies.


14,8 x 21 cm
48 pages
English text
Sewn glued binding
100 copies (70— + 30🍊)
Unique edition 6/2021
ISBN 978-952-68784-2-3

Other Editions publishes
art in book form,
inspired by the ordinary
aspects of our cities.
Distributed worldwide
by Idea Books.

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