We collaborate closely with artists, researchers, and institutions to present their works as effectively as possible to a broad audience.

Other Editions is keen on exploring various visual languages that shed new light on city-related topics. Whether it's through photography, science, graffiti, or conceptual art, we welcome diverse approaches, free from the constraints of current trends or creating art for art's sake.

If you're involved in city-related projects and are interested in collaboration, please feel free to contact us.

We are also eager to contribute to your project's book design.

Please submit:

  • A range of low-resolution images that effectively showcase your project. We prefer a larger selection of images over fewer.
  • A descriptive text about the project, including any relevant excerpts.

We review submissions on a monthly basis.

For collaboration or inquiries, please get in touch here.

Other Editions publishes
art in book form,
inspired by the ordinary
aspects of our cities.
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by Idea Books.

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