Cone Wars

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Cone Wars

Cone Wars: A Surreal Journey Into Traffic Cones

Who would have thought that a simple cone-shaped marker could have such a rich and mysterious history?

These seemingly ordinary objects, known by various names such as road cones, safety cones, or construction cones, hold secrets waiting to be unraveled.

From ancient civilizations to modern-day innovations, with a mix of history, curiosity, and a touch of surrealism, this book takes you on a journey that blurs the lines between reality and imagination.

But this book goes beyond the world of traffic cones and aims to inspire us to stay vigilant in our surroundings: how can we critically observe and evaluate what we encounter every day?

Including an original essay by Dr. Everett Konemann, PhD, about how AI, ads, and art shape our understanding of the world we live in.

Size: 12 x 20 cm
Pages: 160
Images: 90+, full color/b&w
Concept/design: SerraGlia
Text: English
Binding: Sewn glued
First Edition: 300 copies (9.2023)
ISBN: 978-952-65286-0-1